Top 4 scientific discoveries of the last decade

There has been some major discoveries in the past decade. The scientists are continuously working hard to make new discoveries that will astound the world. Here are the top five scientific discoveries made in the last decade.


Global warming and effects

Global warming is reaching an alarming state. Trends show that the global temperature has been increasing consistently since the early 1900s. Also, the arctic levels are decreasing every year. If this continues then, the world will be in great danger soon.

Artificial life

Scientist Craig Venter, who was part of the human genome project, said that his labs had made the first artificial organism. They created a replica of the genome of Mycoplasma genitalium. It is the bacterium with the smallest known genome. DNA fragments were synthesized, and different techniques were used to get it back. It was possible to put a DNA into another DNA-free cell. This way it would be alive.

Large hadron collider

It is a massive particle accelerator. When functional, it will provide a glimpse into the world right after the big bang. It will give insight into the holy grail of physics.

Planets around other stars

Scientists have discovered many planets that are orbiting stars somewhere else in the galaxy. Some planets show the potential for having life-sustainable conditions. You should be surprised if you soon find out the evidence of life on other planets.


All these discoveries are indications that many discoveries yet await us. The scientists are continuing research works, and they will make more interesting discoveries in future.