Science is something that keeps on evolving. You need to be constantly updated with the new discoveries made in this field. Reading journals can help you learn about the new developments in this area. Here are some science journals and links that are interesting and is recommended for your reading.

It is published by Nature Publishing Group (NPG). It is high impact scientific and medical information which is published both in print and online. NPG publishes journals across various fields like life, chemical, physical and applied sciences. NPG is serving the scientific communities with useful scientific information.


This journal publishes excellent research in biomedicine and life sciences. Publications include fundamental theoretical work to clinical research. The editors of the journal are accomplished purple from various areas of science including human genetics, biophysics, neuroscience, etc.

The Lancet Oncology 

It started as an independent weekly medical journal. It helped make science widely available so that it can transform society and create a positive impact on their lives. It addresses important topics that initiate debate and discussion.

New Scientist

It is a journal that covers various topics like space, physics, technology, health, etc. It has huge numbers of audiences and new subscribers join every month. Here you will find interesting articles and news on various science-related topics.

Chemistry World

This journal includes news and research from the chemical science community of the world. The site is regularly updated with new articles, videos, and podcasts. It will help you to be in touch with the chemical science.

Oxford Science Blog 

This blog provides information about developments in science at Oxford University. It includes projects, articles, etc. So, you can be the first one to get to know about discoveries from this renowned institution.

Science Buddies

It is a non-profit site that empowers K-12 students, teachers and parents to find free project ideas for school. From physics to food science, you will find every kind of project here. You can select a project for science fair from here. It is a great site to involve kids in scientific activities from a very young age.

All these journals provide very useful information regarding science. These journals and links can be read by general audiences and scientists as well. These sites will provide you great insights into the world of science. You will get to know about the latest scientific discoveries, opinions from experts in the field, interviews with scientists, and more. You should subscribe to some of these journals to make sure that you don’t miss out on any latest scientific discovery.