About Jaram

Jaram is the chief editor of the iASR magazine. He is a biochemist and a professor at the University of London. He joined as the chief editor of this magazine in 2011. Jaram has broad scientific perspective and passionate about scientific researchers. He has proved himself to be an excellent spokesperson for the scientific community.

Jaram has a wide range of interests, and this has motivated him to be the chief editor of this magazine. Now aged 50, Jaram began his career at the University of London as a Lecturer in Biochemistry. Later, he completed his Ph.D. from the same university and became a member of the research funding policy. He is one of the leading people in deciding whether to fund a particular project or now. His interest in research and in-depth knowledge of his field has helped him to take the right decision regarding projects. He understands which project will be worthwhile and which will be a waste of time.

He has guided several Ph.D. candidates at the University. Every year he publishes a number of publications in various Science journals. He has conducted many research works on biochemistry. He has been the co-author of various biochemistry textbooks.

Jaram was interested in science from his early childhood. In his 7th birthday, his father bought him a book on ‘fun experiments in science.’ He started trying these experiments at home, and he found it very interesting. After that, he used to get science-related books from his school library to read at home. Since childhood, his aim in life was to become a scientist, and he prepared himself accordingly. He started writing about little scientific experiments he did at home for his school magazine. Some of his write-ups were appreciated by his teachers and friends.

He attends science events regularly. In many of these events, he is invited as the keynote speaker. He has an obsession with writing which is evident in the books and publications that come out every year. Since joining iASR, he has shown his dedication at every step. Before publishing any article, research work or interview, he reads them thoroughly and gives extensive advice to his team members for improving the articles.

Jaram has more than 30 years of experience as a scientist. He is very talented and determined about his work. iASR is a popular magazine in the science category. Its a number of subscribers have reached millions. He has taken very good responsibility in improving the brand image of this magazine reaching it out to more people.