6 Health Care Discoveries That May Change People’s Life

Advancements in the health care are already saving many lives. Some future discoveries may change the quality of people’s life drastically. Scientists are continuously trying to find ways to cure critical health conditions. Here are some discoveries that may change the lives of people.

Blind people will be able to see

Blind people have real hope of getting their eyesight back. Scientists are working on microchip implants that can help people to see again. The microchip will be implanted into the person’s eye. Even those people that are blind from birth will be able to see the world again.

New organs can be grown

Tissue engineering lets the scientists grow new organs that can replace the damaged organs of the body. The scientists can use tissue from the patient’s organ and grow another one in the laboratory. Bladders have already been grown in the laboratory successfully and implanted into patients. This way of replacing organs can get rid of the problems involved with doner organs. The cost of this procedure will also below.

Brain repair

If someone has a stroke or brain related disease like Alzheimer’s, then brain repair can provide them a better life. It can be done using a microchip. This will be used to bridge the damaged areas of the brain. Various neurological conditions can be treated this way.

Curing genetic conditions

The human genome project has created hope for curing genetic conditions in patients. DNA therapy is used by researchers to vaccinate people. The developments in genetic conditions can help cure diseases like cancer and also help to increase the life expectancy to beyond 100 years! It is also possible to create ‘designer’ babies who will have more beauty, higher talent, and intelligence.

Maintaining youth

Nanotechnology can help slow down the aging process in the human being. People get old as the rate of cellular reconstruction gets slower. The body cannot maintain it properly. Subatomic robots can go inside our body and repair the damaged cells. This way we will be able to stay younger for a long time. You may only need to swallow a pill to stay young.

No more deaths due to cancer

The nanotechnologists have already developed treatments for some types of cancer. Doctors can now detect tumors that are less than one-tenth of an inch. Drugs are being produced to prevent the growth of a tumor by cutting its blood supply. We might get a complete cure for cancer soon.

All these discoveries will change our lives forever. People will be able to live for a longer period, and the cost of medical expense will decrease. People will have a better life.